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This site is actually the result of a very bad experience with an email marketing company. As a web developer, I’ve built many sites and last year attempted to automate various marketing tasks for a new ecommerce site. The results were non-existent because I was sold a bill of goods, the services which they did have did not function properly and I got the worst support that I can remember in my life. More on this when I write about the experience on a page which will be titled rip-offs.

Hi, My name is Larry Andron and for the past three years I’ve been dabbling with website development and automation after falling in love with the technologies. I also learned that I enjoy writing about things which I’m personally into. As it turned out, not many people seem to care about home automation or drinking pure water but I keep my first website up for the heck of it. You can tell that Great New Stuff is built by a complete novice although all the content is original. After about 30 years in Professional IT Sales specializing in network printers and then ruggedized laptop computers, I’m finally working for myself and enjoying the various activities of a freelance web developer.

It’s been a long road and a steep learning curve with lot’s of study (WEB Developer Certificate Program), trial and error, webinars and just plain digging in and doing. Learning enough to be dangerous in code editing, I started customizing off the shelf themes and other stuff early on. Learning about payment gateways, shipping middleware and lot’s of laws wasn’t easy, especially at my age. lol Regulations about the sale and shipment of alcohol was another uphill battle. This all came out of building my first ecommerce site for a friend who owns a liquor store and didn’t have an online presence. Online Wine Sale continues to be an ongoing effort.

I began my website building by trying to spread the word about home automation. As I’ve enjoyed an automated home in many respects for almost 30 years, I thought everyone else would too. It actually kills me how little interest there is in this even with all the safety, convenience and security benefits available and how simple it is to integrate with a smartphone. Anyway, I began writing articles and became an Ezines author, evangelizing all the stuff which I personally had an interest in.

Larry Andron, EzineArticles Platinum Author

I discovered that I enjoy writing

Larry at church sound board

A great tool; digital sound board

As an affiliate marketer I only promote what I thoroughly know about and feel has extraordinary value. I’ve always loved anything high-tech and tend to keep up on the latest and greatest. As a commercial energy consultant, I work with businesses quite a bit and feel that I can teach many ways of improving their efficiency with automation. You can learn more about me in my Google+ or LinkedIn profiles.

I volunteer as a sound engineer at my church for the past 16 years. Although not a pro, I’ve come a long way over the years and continue to learn this art in my service to God. It amazes me how much pleasure I derive from mixing sound for many activities and bands at my church.

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