What is The Best Autoresponder

Every marketing person and company would like to know what is the best autoresponder. After all, there are so many of them and most are very similar. There are even a few free autoresponders and there’s software available which enables you to build your own autoresponder system. To find the best autoresponder we have to examine the functions which they perform and measure how well they do their job.

The Basics:

Without going into detail here we can believe that every autoresponder performs its basic functions of:

  • add subscribers to one of your lists when they opt-in
  • send automatically generated emails to subscribers based on a schedule which you control
  • some autoresponders will track statistics of deliver-ability, opens and clicks



Where Many

Autoresponders Fail

Let’s face it, regardless of how attractive your subject line may be which may increase the open rate of your emails and how great your offer may be inside the email, if the email doesn’t get through to your subscriber it’s all a waste of time and effort. Therefore, autoresponder companies are doing everything that they can to consistently provide high inbox viewability.

First, understand that ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) – Verizon, Comcast etc. and other email providers – Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL,  are doing everything they can technically to stop or slow down blatant marketing messages from being sent to their customers. Since it’s impossible for them to pay for human beings to review each and every message before they are passed through their systems; they’re forced to create “Spam Filters”. Spam Filters are simply little rules which add, replace, retract, and edit all the time an an attempt to automatically guess whether a message is spam or not. i.e: “If an email has too many “!” exclamation points, don’t deliver the message.” There are hundreds if not thousands of these rules and they are different for each ISP and email service. Anyone with a Gmail account is aware of their new “Promotions” tab which is Google’s nice way of saying spam and a great example of this problem for marketers.

So yes, there are rules which we should follow to assist the deliver-ability of our emails and they’ll be covered in a separate post, but the autoresponder service plays a huge role as well .

Historic information plays a big role in how the ISP’s and other email providers view mail coming from given addresses and a lot of this has to do with the quality of the lists being emailed to. Every autoresponder company has its own rules for adding subscribers to a list and some even require a double opt-in. This is where a confirmation email gets sent to a new subscriber and they need to click a link in the email in order to confirm that they want to go on the list. Perhaps you’ve experienced this yourself and it can be an unwanted nuisance for some people and it leads to fewer subscribers. The autoresponder services need to eliminate spam as much as possible because any spam hurts the deliver-ability of all mail coming from them.

Virtually all autoresponder services battle with deliver-ability on a daily basis and it’s because of the limited information available on all the subscribers of all the lists being managed. Typically the list includes a name (and sometimes only a first name), an email address and little if anything else. Some well know autoresponder services whose names you may even recognize include: Awebber, iContact, GetResponse, Constant Contact, MailChimp and many more, are very similar to each other. Most of them offer a free trial and then have a monthly rate based on how many subscribers you have. There is very little difference among all these companies; in deliver-ability, price,  functionality and the problems which they have.

If you’ve ever lurked in forums or talked with any number of online marketers about the usual crop of autoresponder companies, you’ve undoubtedly heard grumbling about at least some aspect of all the autoresponder providers they’ve used. Poor deliver-ability, unable to easily change providers and move lists, unresponsive customer service and being banned for being a marketer who promotes income opportunities are common complaints.

This Changes Everything

But, a new autoresponder service was developed almost two years ago which is light years ahead of all the rest. This puppy was designed to automatically know more about each subscriber on your list. It’s very powerful and unique in many ways. I dropped my mainstream autoresponder about a year and a half ago as soon as I found out about this and I wound up buying a lifetime subscription.

Their service is in a league by itself because they utilize additional publicly available information gotten from Facebook which brings many new features and benefits along with the highest deliver-ability in the industry. This company called Send Reach isn’t a me-too company and was built by veteran internet marketers. Once in a great while, something truly revolutionary comes along that’s so overwhelming advanced, it honestly changes everything. This is one of those times, and it’s not hype, it’s HUGE.

To discover all the features and benefits of SendReach, watch the video by clicking here. Below is a brief summary of what makes this the best autoresponder out there:

* Gives you the highest inbox deliver-ability of any provider, period
* Allows you to import your active lists from other providers
* Hands you 11 different innovative ways to get opt-ins, including one click
* Automatically collects public demographic data on your list members
* Lets you target your mailings by age, gender and location data
* Has SMS text messaging integrated at the lowest done-for-you pricing
* Plus way too much more to mention here…

When you realize that everything SendReach delivers is so far beyond what any other email service provider does for you it’s staggering.

Originally, the word was that it would be priced at a premium above all the other well known services because it’s simply so much more valuable. They’re price matching the lowest prices from all the top providers in the industry, AND they’re grandfathering you in for life at that price if you lock in an account right away. Check it out and/or sign up for a free trial right here.

This really is one of those rare occasions when it will pay to take a look and take action right now, or sorely regret it later. Go grab your account at the lowest prices in the industry (you’ll get a 30 day no questions asked refund guarantee), you’ll thank me later when putting all its amazing features and power to great use. SendReachlogo

SendReach is blowing the minds of top marketers everywhere. It’s undoubtedly going to take over the top spot as the go to email service provider of choice. Get your lowest price for life locked in now, while the introductory offer stands. Many top internet marketers who have switched as I’ve done wouldn’t hesitate to answer the question of what is the best autoresponder by recommending SendReach.


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