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Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market with email, social media, websites and other platforms and automate repetitive tasks.

Automated Email Marketing Software

Customers Relations Management (CRM) combined with automated email marketing software can practically replace a department of marketing personnel while performing many marketing tasks flawlessly. Ecommerce completes the ideal business management software. Until recently this type of marketing automation had a price tag which was beyond the reach of most small and medium size businesses. It’s now an affordable reality and includes many additional business benefits. But I have to caution you here as many companies don’t deliver on their promises. See Email Marketing Rip-Offs. The Read More +

Online Marketing for Small Business

Online Marketing for small business can benefit from methods and tools utilized by large companies. Just about all marketing services can be automated and your life can become simpler while your company benefits from marketing automation. Automation will save your business time and money while providing consistency in your system and results. All marketing services have a few basic functions: Attract customers Automate your business Grow sales Each of these functions can be broken down further into the sub functions depicted below with the bottom line of getting Read More +