Online Marketing for Small Business

Online Marketing for small business can benefit from methods and tools utilized by large companies. Just about all marketing services can be automated and your life can become simpler while your company benefits from marketing automation. Automation will save your business time and money while providing consistency in your system and results.

All marketing services have a few basic functions:

  • Attract customers

  • Automate your business

  • Grow sales

Each of these functions can be broken down further into the sub functions depicted below with the bottom line of getting the most bang for your buck.

infographic of small business online marketing

Some of the tools which you may already be using include having a website, search engine optimization, building and maintaining a customer list, sending out customer emails, various forms of web advertising and every detail that advertising campaigns include, scheduling meetings and webinars, keeping notes on customers, measuring results of all marketing, activities while staying organized. I may have even missed a few important items but I hope you get the idea. Staying on top of all this can be tricky especially when you add the time and effort that you must put into marketing in addition to the monetary costs.

Marketing Automation the Wrong Way

Too many companies wind up making their lives more difficult with many different systems. For each system there will be training, a learning curve, upkeep, a price tag, etc. The last thing that you would want is to waste time, money and effort while confusing yourself and your marketing staff with disparate systems to perform different marketing functions. This could turn into a nightmare instead of reaping the rewards of true marketing automation.


The ideal marketing service or software would be able to pull all these functions together and provide a single common interface. The learning curve would be quick for yourself and your marketing staff and if all the different aspects share information (which they better), you’ll be more organized and in a position to take full advantage of current technologies just like the big companies do.

Utilizing the best marketing service and/or software for you will get you organized quickly without even needing to learn all the particulars of the marketing processes. You may end up turning your business into such an efficient operation that you can get more accomplished while on vacation then your present marketing efforts are doing for you. See Automated Email Marketing Software

Online Marketing for Small Business
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Online Marketing for Small Business
Discover how automation of email and other marketing functions can benefit your small business.

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