Vocus merges with Cision

Cision and Vocus Join Forces

Seems to me that the folks at Cision didn’t explore the many, many dissatisfied Vocus clients. For that matter, they may not have even checked out the Vocus platform with all it’s shortcomings. Most mergers seem to be more about adding to the bottom line of a company and/or a bailout of some sort. We, the consumers tend to get forgotten regardless of the marketing hype that will be utilized to sell the new entity.Merger of Vocus and Cision

This is an excerpt from the Vocus website: 

“The Future of PR and Social Software is Here

Cision and Vocus Join Forces

PR has expanded. Traditional PR is just one part of our job, but now our roles also include digital, social and content – with a new emphasis on measurement and analytics.

By joining forces with Vocus, Cision is ushering in a new era of communication. Throughout the entire communication spectrum – including discovering, engaging and analyzing – we provide solutions to serve your complete workflow.

Our comprehensive solution tracks and analyzes earned, owned and paid media. Ready to elevate your brand and drive business results?”

I can only imagine that PRWeb is the only real value to Cision in this merger.

Check out the Vocus experience

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